Corsair Harpoon Review (Small, Under 85g, 3320 Optical, Omrons)

This looked great at first, finally a standard shape from Corsair, but the second I put my hand on it, I knew it wasn’t for me. I tried to get used to it, but as I talk about in the video, the design just doesn’t allow for good grip (in my opinion).

Still, at $30 USD and about $50 AUD, it’s a cheap, good quality mouse and I really hope they make more like this. If they put in a better sensor and make the shape safer, it could be a top recommendation for small hands.


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  1. Hentjim 1 year ago

    Just found out its wireless so im gonna switch from the wired to the wireless, i kinda like it and played with it for 3 years now, i dont usually switch mice so thank god its wireless, unless you have any other mice suggestions

  2. UGot Dropped 1 year ago

    It's a 20$ mouse chill the fuck out

  3. Krabs 1 year ago

    Me personally, the curve doesn’t effect anything to me while gaming but you always have to realize that people have different shaped hands. Me personally, I think this mouse is perfect but this was definitely a good honest video and I’d rate it 10/10 because you did your research and actually talked about the mouse.

  4. WilliamXIVII 1 year ago

    Dude, can you just contact Corsair and tell them to make you VP of the mice division??

    ALL of my peripherals are Corsair. My 65 Lux Mechanical RGB 10keyless keyboard, which was 130+USD. My Corsair Void Pro RGB, $79 USD. My Corsair Spec-Omega Case, $150 USD. My Corsair m65 Pro Rgb, $60 USD. My Corsair mm800 Polaris RGB pad $60 USD.

    Literally everything. I FUCKING NEED A NORMAL SHAPED MOUSE. I just cannot upgrade to a new mouse because they literally cant seem to make a normal mouse with good amount of buttons, low weight, rgb, & good sensor.

    Why is it so hard?

    If they would just use the m55 body, add rgb, high-teir sensor, even wireless, we would be all good. I need a new mouse sooooo bad. The m65 body is sooo unwieldy, and I didn't realize it until after I bought it. I love the rgbs and buttons, but the shape is sooo fucked. As far as Corsair goes, I believe the m55 body is the best body.

    They need to make a good mouse, with the m55 body, with enough buttons, Rgb, 100g or under weight, wired or wireless, and a good sensor.

    Fuck. I cant go to another brand, all of my stuff is rgb via iCUE. Im so OCD.

    What would you recommend man? I want a mouse 100g or under, with enough buttons, normal shape, good sensor, rgb, and Corsair.

    I literally don't know what to do. I need it to be good for fast paced Fps, and Im really considering going wireless as well, but that doesn't matter so much. I hate how wide the m65 is, I feel like I have to fight it.

  5. Salmanhtr 1 year ago

    This or logitech g102?

  6. Umut Işık 1 year ago

    Which one ? My hands small ? Please helpp
    Corsair harpoon vs rival 110/310 vs logitech g102

  7. lacowie 1 year ago

    I just bought this mouse today and let me tell you guys its a piece of shit.This reviewer is right I am constantly trying to find a place for my pinky finger.I got small hands using bit of claw grip and kind of palm grip too lets say its a hybrid and its so damn uncomfortable to hold it. Another issue is all the sharp edges cutting your hand its almost ridiculous.I had to sand paper my right click button WTF?! And the bottom aswell.It was so sharp it messed up my mouse pad i kid you not.Ohh and lets not forget about crappy software.DO NOT BUY THIS CRAP

  8. Raghav Kejriwal 1 year ago

    do you face double clicking issue in this?

  9. Scout339 1 year ago

    Update: I think they improved the sensor because I own this mouse and I experience no spinouts when flicking at max speed across the screen. Tested 5 times.

    Edit: Wired Pro version of the mouse.

  10. Rendie Monkzilla 1 year ago

    I had corsair harpoon mouse and it's quite good for the price.

    my bigest compaint is the rubber grip is wear out faster. in comparison, my logitech M331 rubber grip i still hold up after years of daily usage.

  11. SkywaveX38 1 year ago

    My ring finger is always pain after long hours of gaming. Been using this mouse since 3 years ago. Still alive now. Just that the rubber on the sides have worn out gradually.

  12. Fanta FN 1 year ago

    It’s a claw grip mouse

  13. Thermostatistics 1 year ago

    The mouse isn't the problem but your hand is lol

  14. famailiaanima 1 year ago

    Thank you, this is the review i was looking for, keep on the great work.

  15. Accio 1 year ago

    I've had this mouse for like 3 years now xD

  16. Derek S. 1 year ago

    I really like this mouse, but the side buttons on mine are so mushy that you have to press them practically inside the mouse to get them to work. Great size and feel otherwise for me.

  17. YouClutch TV 1 year ago

    This mouse still spin outs after update or what? Please i want to know i am intrested

  18. ChinsHyperBTW 1 year ago

    What a similar mouse

  19. lofi kasu 1 year ago

    I have small hands and getting this mouse this friday. Will my little finger be stable enough or no. I hope you respond. Thanks!

    i’m 11 btw

  20. Slitker 1 year ago

    They made the shape better on the pro

  21. Ketsukilol 1 year ago

    this mouse sucks dick. you might get one where the scroll wheel doesn't work

  22. Gerson Silveira 1 year ago

    And what about harpoon pro version with pwm3327 sensor?

  23. teifangu 1 year ago

    I find my hand touching the mouse pad on the right side, would I need to get a bigger mouse to stop this from happening?

  24. Nave 1 year ago

    For me the back side button is wayyy to hard the press.Thats why I'm looking for a new mouse for under €100.

  25. Vladimir Demidov 1 year ago

    Watching this in 2019 I see that you were more honest with viewers back then. Because if you would be honest in 2019 you would never recommend people to buy cooler master MM710 because it has exactly the same terrible shape problem as harpoon with no way to place pinky on the side.

  26. eNBi 1 year ago

    For me the shape is fine but the damn sensor is trash idk why you would call a mouse "gaming" if it spins out.

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