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How to Download KNIVES OUT Battle Royale PC English Version!

How to download and play the Knives Out PC official global version, a completely FREE-TO-PLAY battle royale game by Netease!

Download Knives Out PC version client:

Knives Out (also known as Wilderness Action) is a free-to-play battle royale multiplayer game. 100 players battle each other on an open battlefield to fight for survival until one player or team is left standing. Gather weapons and supplies and stay within the shrinking circle to avoid being eliminated.

This is the official global Knives Out battle royale PC game. Stunning visual HD details and tactical combat awaits you.

In this video, you’ll learn how to download Knives Out PC version with English language (multiple languages are available in-game), how to use login, full screen, graphics settings, and more. You’ll also see the new battlefield map Peninsula of Hurricane now available to play on!

How to Download Knives Out PC Version Setup Guide:
1. Download and install the PC client (first link in video description).
2. launch the client. It will download additional game data about 2GB in size. Make sure you have a stable and fast Internet connection for this process.
3. Log into the game with either a Facebook or Google account.
4. Choose the PC server for your region.
5. Create your character. Now you’re ready to play!

PC Specs Tested
Windows 8.
Intel Core i7 4500U CPU.
Intel Integrated HD Graphics 4400.

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  1. bilal khan 5 months ago

    knive out battle royal without graphisp

  2. syed furqan 5 months ago

    a bhi ghapi pa game bhot ala ha thank you for this game

  3. Kon Gamer 5 months ago

    It took 7000mb downloading

  4. Sugar Rebels Gamer 5 months ago

    can you please upload your game client on another website
    the link you have provided is working but we are getting that game in chinese language

  5. Ayush Kumar 5 months ago

    you have created a new account 1:40 or you have log in into your old account
    pls help

  6. Boomster009 5 months ago

    I want to create a new account but I try to put in my Google sign in and says "Couldn't sign you in'' Is it possible to get into the game skipping the sign-in?

  7. LGHTNG Qunex ϟ 5 months ago

    Its Chinese :'D

  8. Zach Games 5 months ago


  9. exsxtxexvxaxn 005 5 months ago


  10. TheLegend Cat 5 months ago

    2 gb?

  11. Noor Diy 5 months ago

    this download 3 day

  12. Naina Durrani 5 months ago

    the game is now 5gb download
    im downloading it hope its works

  13. Dynamo Gaming 2 5 months ago

    can i play 1gb ram

  14. Gaming - Machine 5 months ago

    is this will lag ??

  15. asian gamer live 5 months ago

    thanks i like it thanks bro

  16. PC Mad Boy 5 months ago

    can it work aithout graphic card?

  17. It's just Me 5 months ago

    it shows 5gb on my download page LOL

  18. DeadnotDepressed ! 5 months ago

    Will it ruin ur computer?

  19. Y4SSIN 5 months ago

    WORK ON i5 4 RAM 32BIT PLS ????

  20. sanjay black 5 months ago

    i dont get the english version please help

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