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Windows Live Mail – Adding Accounts

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In this video, Mahalo expert Sean Hewitt explains how to add an email account to Windows Live Mail.

How to Add an Email Account

1. Navigate to the Start Menu and open Windows Live Mail.

2. To add an account, click on Menu — Options — Email accounts.

3. This will bring up a dialogue box called Accounts. Click the Add button on the right side.

4. Next, choose which type of account you would like to add. In this tutorial, Sean chooses Email Account.

5. From here, type in your Email address, Password and Display name you would like to use in the corresponding fields. You can also choose to Make this your default email account if you like. Click Next when you’re finished.

6. You’ll then be asked to Configure server settings. You’ll need to consult your specific email provider for the correct settings, but in the tutorial Sean chooses the IMAP server type. 

7. You can search your email provider to find the correct settings. Type the addresses in the Configure server settings fields as they appear in your email provider’s instructions. The Incoming server information may be different from the Outgoing server information, so be sure to check for accuracy. Click Next when you’re finished and your account will be added.

8. Finally, click Send/Receive in the top menu bar (or F5 for keyboard shortcut) and your mail will synchronize with Windows Live Mail.

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  1. Mario Charpentier 6 months ago

    Hello Sean. I am trying to add a 4th email to WLM with a gmail acct. But everytime it says wrong login or password so it will not finish. So frustrating. it is the correct login and password. Any suggestions? Also if you answer me, how do I know where to see your answer?

  2. Kate Romero-Stellar 6 months ago

    Sean, why do I need to purchase Yahoo Mail Plus before I can setup windows live mail with my yahoo account?

  3. Neelakandan P 6 months ago

    thanks for video

  4. ispiron55 6 months ago

    do you use a new password for every new account or your existing password per account
    .. Regards..

  5. Country Child 6 months ago

    Brilliant, thank you so much!

  6. greg ddown 6 months ago

    How do you make it where any mail coming to windows live mail is forwarded to your gmail account without losing any of the windows mail info?? thanks

  7. c7i6abc 6 months ago

    Why did you first remove your account, then add it?

  8. SLITHERMAN54 6 months ago

    i dont want to buy a freaking piano crap but thing is my account is blocked with no way to unblock it cuz something else that they thought spammed im growing really tired of this. and this might be my last hope unless you have their number for tech support please help?

  9. loveksa2000 6 months ago

    I added my first email account but when I got the msg from windows live to add another email, I tried to add the second email but did not work…

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